AIoT Artificial Intelligence of Things

Our expertise in advanced digital technologies and our potential for innovation allow us to offer you prototyping and IIoT and < span style = "color: blue"> AIoT (Connected and Intelligent Objects) tailored to your needs. We implement complete solutions ranging from electronic parts to operating software including our own Artificial Intelligence services. A turnkey solution for your IIoT prototyping projects. Contact us

AI Artifical Intelligence.

Our AI solutions developed for the needs of our xmm robotic network are designed from the ground up as a service (AIaaS), which allows us to easily adapt them to your specific needs. Deep Learning. Machine Learning. Deep Reinfircement learning. We carry the iartificial neural networks in lite version adapted on arduino boards (arduino, esp32) for edge computing Contact us .


With our expertise in manufacturing hyper-connected robotic modules, we can advise you in choosing the technology most suited to your needs, in prototyping (POC) during feasibility studies, in software and hardware research and development services. , as well as technical support. Our services cover areas of advanced skills that can meet your most complex requests requiring specific skills, we can advise you the services of qualified professionals. Contact us

Specific Development Advanced Technologies.

Deepnologic with its X Mind Maker solutions offers you turnkey solutions for your projects. IoT AI AIoT prototyping, Robotics, Advanced Web / mobile applications and Edge Computing architecture, we are at the disposal of any interested partner. Contact us